About ‘Shit Happens’

Brief Description

The aim of this blog in short – is to explore those sexual encounters which you cringe about when you think back, and make you not cringe about them anymore. Shit Happens also aims to educate on sexual health, sexual concerns, fetishes and much more throughout the blog.

Why Shit Happens Needs YOUR Help

Shit Happens is built on the foundation of sex stories sent in from people like YOU. I didn’t start writing until I received a sufficient amount of contributions, and knew that this would be something that people would be interested in reading and contributing towards.

Shit Happens aims to educate not only the inexperienced, but everyone. Some people may have what you refer to as a ‘vanilla sex life’ so anything out of the usual that happens can often be subject to taboo in conversation. This leads to people holding back their sexual fantasies in fear of judgement or something going wrong.

The Point of Shit Happens

We all deserve to feel comfortable with what we are doing in the bedroom, knowing what we like, and what to do if something goes wrong – so this is where Shit Happens comes in.

Shit Happens also hopes to destigmatize the taboo that surrounds talking about sex in general, and make more people feel open in discussing sex overall – because it is perfectly normal – and it’s how you got here, isn’t it?

How to Get Involved

If you would like to contribute, all you have to do is e-mail over your ’embarrassing’ or ‘cringey’ sex stories to shithappenstothebestofus@gmail.com with your age, name (or fake name) and location, and I will do the rest. Full identities will be kept anonymous, and Shit Happens is a completely #JudgementFreeZone.