Sex and… Seizures!

“I’ve only told a few friends about this story and they keel over with laughter every time I tell it.” Dan, 26, Birmingham.

“From all my teen years I’ve suffered from epilepsy. It started with absence seizures in school where you gorm out for a few minutes, to full blown grand mal seizures. I’m one and a half years free of them now, for clarity.”

Dan began talking to a girl on tinder, they mutually agreed to ‘hook-up’ around her house whilst her parents were out celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

They arrived in the living room of her huge house and there was a beautiful glass coffee table, she tells him it was about £15,000. They begin getting it on, on the sofa whilst the TV was on in the background, they engage in foreplay and then intercourse…

“So I’m About to Climax and My Vision Turns Purple”

“So I’m about to climax and my vision turns purple, I get a burning sensation smell and an extreme headache (ten times worse than a migraine) and I fall into a seizure whilst we’re fucking, collapsing head first onto the coffee table, damaging it, and snapping one of the legs. I split my head open, and blood is squirting out onto the off white carpet… butt naked.”

Just as seizures may affect your day to day life, like performance at work, it can also affect your performance during sex. In an article written by Diana Rodriguez for Every Day Health she states that,

“While the exact reasons aren’t entirely understood, seizures may impact your sex life in the following ways: decreased interest in sex, difficulty becoming aroused, pain during intercourse for women, trouble sustaining erections, and seizures during or after sex. Though strenuous physical activity and powerful emotions can trigger seizures in some people, there’s no concrete evidence that sex itself causes seizures. ”

The girl panics, whilst he’s completely unconscious, but she does ring an ambulance (and her parents), who then rushed home from the local restaurant to see what the matter was.

For Most People, Having a Seizure During Sex Is No More Likely Than Having One At Any Other Time

Some people may fear having a seizure during sex, especially if their seizures are triggered by physical activity, fast breathing or excitement. However, for most people, having a seizure during sex is no more likely than having one at any other time. Talking to your partner before-hand about what to do if you have a seizure during sex may help you both to manage this fear.

“I woke up with an oxygen mask, paramedics, and her parents ensuring I was cool. I went into A&E, and was discharged the following morning. My Dad asked me if I was okay and what happened, I definitely didn’t tell him the full story!”

As an individual who has experienced having a seizure during sex, or as someone who is anxious about having a seizure during sex – there is a lot of things you can do. For example, talk to your doctor, talk to your partner about what to do in case it happens, you can try other medications, get on medication if you aren’t already, and/or seek out additional advice from a sex therapist to help reduce your concerns of having a seizure during intercourse.

“We, for some reason never saw each other again… but thinking back, what are the fucking odds? I was more bothered that I didn’t finish up myself!” – Dan

Thank you to Dan for sharing your story with me, I hope this article gives readers more of an inclination as to what ‘Shit Happens’ is going to be posting about. We aim to educate, and share for awareness of matters that happen to a lot more to people than you probably think.

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